Men of the 3/506/101 prepare for a Night Hunter Team

This was part of the crew of the Night Hunter Team that I have mentioned on your website. This photo was taken just before we began our first mission on the night of 30 Jan, 1968. As I mentioned, we took hits on the flight out to the ARVN Artillery Compound in the first attack of Tet Offensive 68. I am in hopes that someone will recognize the two 192nd Crewmembers standing to the back of the chopper. Sergeant Croft (WIA) holds the 'Starlight' scope. SP4 Mucie sits in the door. I noted in my diary for that night that the two crew members were: SP4 Mike Self and SP5 John Boley. I would like very much to locate these two gentlemen and the pilots-WO Mike Omer and Eric Walden.

Photo and caption by Jerry Berry,

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