US Government Civilian Charts
Government abbreviation List
Department of Defense and Defense Agencies
 1=Office of Secretary of Defense to Army
     The Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman of the JCS Awards (JCS), Department of the Army-Civil, Public, Misc. Service Awards,
    D.o.D. Inspector General (IG)

 2=Navy to Air Force
     Department of the Navy-Civil, Public, Misc. Service Awards, Department of theA.F.-Civil, Public, Misc. Service Awards

 3=Defense Atomic Support Agency to Defense Intelligence Agency
    (DASA), Defense Civil Preparedness Agency (DCPA), Defense Communications Agency (DCA), Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA),
     Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA),

4=Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Office of the Director, National Intelligence

 5=Defense Investigative Service to National Security Agency
     Defense Investigative Service(DIS), Defense Security Service (DSS), Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA),
     Defense Mapping Agency (DMA),  Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Defense Special Weapons Agency (DSWA),
     National Imagery and Mapping Agency  (NIMA), National Security Agency-Central Security Service (NSA/CSS)

 6=On-Site Inspection Agency-Medal of Merit
     (OSIA), D.o.D. Civilian Personnel Management Service (CPMS), Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS),
     Civilian Medals for Service in Operational Theaters, Others

Other Departments and Agencies

 7=Dept. Commerce,Coast & Geodetic Survey , N.O.A.A.   (DoC)--(C&GS)

 8=Agency for International Development-Dept. of Transportation
     A.I.D. , Air  Mail Flyers, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (B.A.T.F.), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),
     National Intelligence Community, Dept. of Energy (DoE), Dept./Sec. of Transportation (DoT)

 9=Dept. of State-General Accounting Office
    D.o.S., D.o.J. Federal Bureau of Prisons, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),
     Fed.  Aviation Administration  (FAA) , F.E.M.A., Dept. of Justice -FBP (DoJ) Federal Bureau of Prisons,  Information Agency,
    Gov. Accounting Office(GAO)

 10=Merchant Marine   -   N.A.S.A.

11=N.R.O.-Selective Service
     National Reconnaissance Office (NRO),  Public Health Service  (PHS),  Presidential Awards,  Sel. Svc.

12=Smithsonian Institute/Office of Protective Svcs.
     Smith.O.P.S., U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), Veterans Administration (VA),  Border Patrol  (BP),  U.S. Attorney General, Others

13=Defense Acquisition University, Defense Contract Mgt. Agency, (FBI)  Department of Homeland Security,
     Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC),  Dept. of Justice (DoJ)

Many of these Government Ribbons I don't have and do not think they can be had as a stand alone ribbon.

What I was told is that when some of the Ribbons/Medals were manufactured, the contracting Agency controlled the Ribbon
and gave enough of it to the Medal maker for the amount of Medal sets being made and any left over ribbon had to be returned.

An example of this are the Border Patrol Ribbons,  designed by the U S Border Patrol in 1999. Most of these were never produced in production quantities and an exceptionally limited number were ever awarded to members of the U S Border Patrol. After Sept 11, the Border Patrol was placed under the Department of Homeland Security and issuance of all of these medals was stopped. A proposal made for new designs using DHS logo was never approved and the entire program has been stopped, there have been some sets sold from left over stock which was obtained from the maker.

So for Ribbon Collectors the only way to get some of these Ribbons was to:
A-Buy the set, take out the Ribbon bar and keep or re-sell the rest
B-Buy the Medal and take off the Drape to make up ribbon Bars.

Congress created the Air Mail Flyers Medal of Honor, retroactive to May 15, 1918