US Government Civilian Ribbons Charts
Office of the President
[EPA]         Environmental Protection Agency 
[USAID]   Agency for International Development
[DoE]       Department of Energy
[SSS]        Selective Service System
[9] G_DoD6
[DPAA]      Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency
[DARPA]    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
[DTIC]        Defense Technical Information Center 

[NSA]      National Security Agency
[2] G_INT
[ODNI]   Office of the Director National Intelligence
[NIC]       National Intelligence Community
[CIA]      Central Intelligence Agency
[10] G_PHS
Department of Health and Human Services
[PHS]   Public Health Service
[3] G_DoC
[DoC]       Department of Commerce 
[NOAA]   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin.
[CGS]       Coast and Geodetic Survey

[4] G_DoD1
[DoD ]    Department of Defense
[OSD]     Office of the Secretary of Defense
[JCS]       Joint Chiefs of Staff
[11] G_DHS

[DHS]       Department of Homeland Security
[CBP]       Customs and Border Protection
[FEMA]    Federal Emergency Management Administration 
[USCG]    U.S. Coast Guard

FEMA replaced [DCPA] Defense Civil Preparedness Agency

Coast Guard Auxiliary

[5] G_DoD2
Air Force

AJROTC InstructorAwards
[12] G_DoJ
[DoJ]      Department of Justice
[OAG]     Office of the Attorney General
[BATF]   Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives 
[DEA]     Drug Enforcement Administration 
[FBI]       Federal Bureau of Investigation
[FBP]      Federal Bureau of Prisons

[5a] Navy G_DoD2a

[MSC]      Military Sealift Command
[13] G_DoS
[DoS]        Department of State
[ACDA]    Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
[USIA]      United States Information Agency
[6] G_DoD3
[OIG]       Office of the Inspector General 
[DNA]      Defense Nuclear Agency
[DeCA]    Defense Commissary Agency 
[DAU]      Defense Acquistion University 
[DCMA]  Defense Contract Management Agency
[DISA]     Defense Information Systems Agency
[DCAA]   Defense Contract Audit Agency

DNA replaced [DASA] Defense Atomic Support Agency
DISA replaced  [DCA] Defense Communications Agency
[14] G_DoT
[DOT]        Department of Transportation 
[FAA]         Federal Aviation Administration
[MM]          Maritime Administration

[15] G_ABMC
[ABMC]     American Battle Monuments Commission

[7] G_DoD4
[DSS]             Defense Security Service
[NSA/CSS]  National Security Agency-Central Security SVC.
[DLA]           Defense Logistics Agency
[NGIA]         National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
[DTRA]       Defense Threat Reduction Agency

DSS      replaced  [DIS] Defense Investigative Servic
DLA     replaced [DSA] Defense Supply Agency
NGIA   replaced  [NIMA] National Imagery and Mapping Agency 
NIMA  replaced  [DMA] Defense Mapping Agency 
DTRA replaced [DSWA] Defense Special Weapons Agency

[16] G_NASA
[NASA] National Aeronautics and Space Administration
[17] G_SI
[SI]          Smithsonian Institution 
[VA]         Veterans Administration 
[CSB]       Chemical Safety ? Hazard Investigation Board 
[GAO]      General Accounting Office

USPS Air Mail Flyers' Medal of Honor Medal

[8] G_DoD5
[DCPAS]    Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service
[USUHS]    Uniformed Svc. University of the Health Sciences 
(OSIA)       On-Site Inspection Agency 
[NRO]        National Reconnaissance Office
[DIA]          Defense Intelligence Agency
DCPAS replaced [CPMS] Civilian Personnel Management Service

Civilian Medals for Service in Operational Theaters

[18] Others

[18] U.S. Milspec Ribbons