Roster of men joining the U.S. Army from
Pitcher, Chenango County, New York
in the years 1861 - 1865

Sometime after my Great Grandfather, William Wallace Chapel, was discharged from the United States Army (157th NY Volunteer Infantry), he was given a roster of all the men who entered service from Pitcher, NY. This handwritten roster containing information on over130 individuals, was handed down to his daughter, Minnie Chapel Burrows, then to my father Daniel Chapel Burrows and finally to me, William Chapel Burrows. The first of the thirty-one pages has an explanation of the roster and is shown below. The left figure is a scanned photo of the cover page, and the right figure is a stylized 'translation'.

Photo of Cover Page ------------------------ "Translation"


Here is what a typical entry in the roster looks like. In almost every case, the man's occupation was written vertically in the left margin. The name is followed by the army unit in which the man enlisted. The rank at enlistment, and the date of enlistment are shown for almost all of the entries. For many, the date of discharge (or death) is shown. Most dates were written as "July 10 - 65" (see below), replacing the 18 with a hyphen. Many entries also have comments regarding engagement in battles, wounds suffered, where imprisoned, promotions, etc. For a few, a date of birth is given. If a Town (T.) and/or County (C.) bounty was paid for enlistment, the amount is shown. In this example, a County Bounty of $50 was paid.


As you read the entries on the following pages, please remember that some had very little information given. In fact, one entry had a surname only (Thomas.) If you see a blank space in a sentence (ex.: Volunteered to go on the Gunboat at _______ and was blown up with all on board.) that space was there in the original roster. Also, in a couple of cases the writing was undecipherable or the meaning unclear and I have noted these below the entry.

There is a complete, alphabetized list of the names and a detailed copy of all the entries on the pages to follow.

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