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Lawn Tractor Racing


Lawn Boy LT12 Tractor

Runs strong, very fast, with low hours, Briggs and Stratton 22hp Industrial Commercial V-Twin engine. Spicer 5 speed manual transaxle. Two complete sets of rear wheels and tires, 1 set with V-Tread "Digger" tires, 1 set with turf tires. 3 extra transaxles, one working, two for parts. Extra belts, front wheels and tires, etc.

$1000 Cash or Paypal Invoice Only

You pickup or arrange for delivery.

Serious Inquiries only email





In the Clay July 4th Parade

Lawn Mower Olympics

Object of the game

Compete in events for certificates: The one with the most certificates at the end of the race wins the trophy.

Two or more people appointed as judges,

Judges decisions are final.

Who can race?

Anybody, Tractors can be stock or modified. There are over 15 events and only 3 are about speed, it’s more about skill and luck.

Must be lawn tractor equipment.

Four wheelers disguised as Lawn tractors will not be allowed.

Events Include

Drags: 100 ft. drag strip, Process of elimination, Everybody Races Twice. The most wins gets event.

Slalom: Logs placed on end 13’ apart. Timed event. Fastest time wins.

Slowest: 20’ drag strip, first one across the finish line loses. process of elimination.

Barrel Roll: Roll a barrel around a course with your tractor. Timed Event. Fastest time wins.

Obstacle Course: Timed event. Start at line, eat ½ a hamburger, get on your tractor go to next station, hammer a Nail into a stump, go to next station shoot a can with a bb gun, Next station, drink a 16 oz. Beverage of your choice. You get the idea, stations can be anything, shoot a ball into a basket, split a piece of wood and so on. Fastest time wins.

Short track: Set up a track, can be oval or around obstacles. 5 laps, first one across the line wins.

Poker Runs: Give the officials a dollar. 5 people with part of a deck of cards spread out around a course. Everyone rides around and collects 5 cards. Highest hand wins the money and the event, (Usually 5 poker runs per race).

Backwards drags: 20’ drag strip, process of elimination.

Pulls: hook two tractors together with a tow strap. First one to pull the other over the line wins. process of elimination.

Hill climbs: (where available) Timed event, fastest climb wins.

Certificates awarded for


Traveled The Farthest

Unlike circle track lawn mower racing (which is dangerous by any stretch of the imagination), Lawn Tractor Olympic Competition is relatively safe, as most of the events races are against the clock, or in a straight line, eliminating a lot of the potential for collisions and rollovers.

That being said, everyone has a personal responsibility to be safe and should always act accordingly. One should keep in mind that these are lawn mowers, they are not built for speed, and any attempt to make them anything more than that, (by throwing thousands of dollars at them) is unsafe and a waste of time.

If you want to race 4 wheelers or go carts, go out and buy one.


The Original Team Green ( When it still had the 12 hp single on it. )

Lawn-Boy (New and improved with a 22hp Briggs and Stratton V-Twin)

Finally did some body work and put hood pins on.








Here's a link for new front pulleys.

and   The Grainger site you need to type into the search field "v belt pulley 1"  bore" or what ever it is.

 Check out the web site, it will give you a better idea how the races go. There are video clips at the bottom of some of the pages. Check out the belt size formula, it works , really!



Just put new exhaust on it. Big difference!



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