Eagle Scout
by Don Church

Some years ago, a son was born,
And we had dreams of what he'd do.
We thanked the Lord for such a gift,
And prayed to have our dreams come true.

As years went by, and Scouting called;
He donned a Cub Scout uniform.
And when he finished Webelos,
The feeling we possessed was warm.

Then he became a Tenderfoot;
And resolutely started out
To learn, and live, the Scouting law;
And to become an Eagle Scout.

He hiked the hot and dusty trails,
He camped out in the cold and snow.
He learned to live with other Scouts;
Who, as he aged, helped him to grow.

He learned to follow, and to lead;
To help those who came after him.
Though sometimes he required a shove;
At times that Eagle trail grew dim.

As we stand here behind our son;
We're thankful for each helping hand.
Tonight, because so many cared;
He stands where only Eagles stand.

God bless those men and women who
Took time to stop and help him out.
We sent a little eager boy-
You gave us back an Eagle Scout.

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