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C & C Creations is your place for an inexpensive alternative for Virtual Characters, 
Chatterbots and Talking Agents for your website. You often see Virtual Agents like 
ours on many websites costing thousands of dollars. We offer a quality product for 
much less. The company was formed to generate money for The Chatterbox Challenge, an 
annual online contest for chatterbots. A significant amount of the profits will go 
towards buying the award medals, the postage of shipping them to the winner, and 
towards the prize money offered to the winners.

Our Basic Package consists of a Character built in Flash that can be used as a Question and Answers bot. You have 10 questions you can add to the bot with the option of adding additional questions if you like. The answers will be recorded into MP3 files so the answers can actually be heard by the user. MP3 files were chosen because they are much smaller in size than wav files. The answers will be recorded using the voice you select. The questions will be loaded into a drop down list. When the question is clicked on the character will provide a text response along with the spoken audio file. 1)Character - You will get your choice of a wide variety of characters we offer. All the characters you see were created in Flash. Instead of a simple static pictures these characters come to life with realistic eye blinking, facial expressions, head movement etc. Approximately 97% of all users have the flash player installed so there is no problem about people being unable to view the characters. Also the Flash player is a free download and is easily available for everybody. If you need the player click on this link to install one. 2)Voices - You will be able to select the voice you would like your answers to be recorded in. See Voices above to demo what each voice will sound like. 3)Backgrounds - You can choose whatever background you like. We have a wide selection listed here. 4)The Examples link above puts all this together for you so you are able to see exactly how it will look. Please note the Demo does not demonstrate every conceivable combination. For example any picture you have maybe used as a background, not all available characters or voices are being demonstrated and any color maybe used when selecting frame color, background color, text color etc.
Our Featured Package - includes your choice of Character, Background, Frame color etc. This is the same programming I use on Talk-Bot a 3 time winner of the Chatterbox Challenge. It is not a bot full of responses but provides examples and instructions on how to create your own thus allowing you to enter it in various bot contest. It includes such features as the ability to tell the time and date, math capabilities, advanced scripting methods, logging of conversations. See the link Flash Bot above for a demo. Note for logging of conversation you must have a website that supports CGI scripts. Check with your internet provider before ordering - Also note the responses are text only not spoken out loud.

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