9-22-18  Ripple River Gallery fall open house.

Wild and Free was invited once again to attend the open house at the Ripple River Gallery and set up a booth to display information and items for sale from Wild and Free.  As part of the activities during the day W&F also releases any birds that have been rehabilitated and are ready to go back to the wild.  This year we had 3 ready to go, 2 Great Horned Owls and a Broad Winged Hawk.  There are also other activities taking place throughout the day.  Elizabeth Carls, a Minnesota Master Naturalist, took a group of interested people on a walk through the surrounding woods.


Mary, Jim, and Dr. Katie were there to help with the W&F part of the day.


Woodturner, Bob Carls, was on hand showing some of his work and also demonstrating how to use various tools.


Linda Forde demonstrated how to use a spinning wheel to make thread out of various kinds of fiber.


One of the most enjoyable things taking place during the day was the release of 3 raptors that had been rehabilitated by W&F and the doctors at the Garrison Animal Hospital.  Here's Dr. Katie getting ready to transfer a Great Horned Owl to Gordy who would do the actual release.


Gordy gives it a little boost and it's on its way.


Next up is a Broad Winged Hawk.  Isn't this a beautiful bird?


The people who do the actual releases are chosen by drawing a name out of a jar containing the names of all of the folks that signed up.  Here's Jill, the lucky winner for the hawk, giving it a good start toward being wild and free again.


Lyla is probably the youngest person to ever release a Great Horned Owl.  Dr. Katie helped her get ready and also made sure that both the bird and girl remained safe.


That's a big bird for such a small person to handle but everything went well.  Both the owl and Lyla were happy with the release.


Here are a couple of photos of Lyla's owl headed back into the wild.


If an owl could smile I'm sure this one would be grinning as it passed the observers.


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