11-11-18  Barred Owl and Red-Tailed Hawk


Two of our big birds, a Barred Owl and a Red-Tailed Hawk, had recovered enough that they were ready to be released.  We started with the Barred Owl.  Dr. Debbie brought the owl out of the pen and got it settled down in preparation for the hand off to Loree who did the actual release.


Loree puts on the big gloves to protect her hands and then Dr Debbie shows her how to hold the owl so that neither of them get hurt.


 Notice that the Barred Owl doesn't have yellow eyes.  It's the only owl that has dark eyes.  Loree holds the owl exactly right as she turns and walks forward a short distance to get away from the building.  The owl will have plenty of room to fly away.


And away it goes.  We all felt as happy as Loree to see the owl go on its way.


A couple of flaps of its wings and the owl was even with the 2nd floor railing.


The owl located a tree, landed, and watched us get ready to release the hawk but it was gone before the hawk was in the air.


Then it was time for the Red-Tailed Hawk to have its turn.  Again, Dr Debbie brought the bird out from the cage.


She went through the same preparation with Trudi.  The hawk was ready to go.


Once again a couple of flaps of its wings brought it up level with the railing.


The hawk pretty much followed the same path taken by the owl.


I think it has already picked out a tree to land in.


The hawk must have watched what the owl did because it followed the exact same procedure.  Here it is just landing in a tree.  It sat there for a few minutes and then took off again.


It's great to see these magnificent birds recover and once again be Wild and Free!


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