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 Wild and Free is so fortunate to have so many supporters.  Not only do we have many adults who care about the critters we also have lots of children.  One of the groups that help us out is the elementary kids at the Rippleside school in Aitkin.  A Bald Eagle had been injured in a collision with a car and the vets at Wild and Free were able to take care of it until it was ready to be released back into the wild.  The school kids raise money for W&F every year so each year we try to release one of the rehabilitated critters at the school.  Today we were releasing that eagle.  It was loaded into a cage and brought to the school just after the kids finished lunch.


Here's Dr. Katie with the bird just after she took it out of the cage.  That's a big bird.  It could really hurt you if you didn't know what you were doing.


Here are the kids anxiously waiting to see this beautiful bird take to the skies again.


Dr. Katie talked to the kids a little bit and told them the story about how the eagle had a collision with a car and wound up at W&F.  Then she had them count down and gave the eagle a boost into the air when they hit zero.


The bird was ready to go.  Here are a couple of shots of it as it headed for the woods.





Here it is just before it reached the woods and flew out of sight.


I don't know if the eagle appreciated it or not but the kids started  jumping up and down and gave the bird a standing ovation.


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