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 Here's a story about one tough lady eagle.  She was sitting beside the road snacking on a deer that had been hit by a car when she got startled and flew up into the path of an oncoming car.  The car hit her hard enough that it broke a headlight and then the eagle flipped off to the side of the car, hit the outside mirror and broke it off the car.  A second car came along and was too close to stop in time to avoid running over the eagle.  The driver stopped and discovered that the eagle was still alive so he brought it to Dr. Debbie.  Amazingly it didn't have any broken bones and after some tender care at W&F it was pronounced ready to be released.  Dr. Debbie loaded it into a transport cage and brought it to the area chosen for the release.



You can tell by the smile on her face that Dr. Debbie is really happy that the eagle recovered.


Roger is going to do the actual release so the eagle is transferred into his hands.


Here are 3 shots of the eagle taking its first flight since being hit by the car.  Roger was just as happy as Dr. Debbie!




It didn't take long before the eagle was well on its way to freedom again.


It landed in a tree at the edge of the clearing, looked around for a few minutes and then took off and disappeared, wild and free once again.




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