We released another Bald Eagle today.  This one was an immature eagle that had begun to show evidence of the white head and tail feathers that the adults have.  One of the Wild and Free volunteers, Beth, did the release.  Here's Dr. Debbie making sure that neither the eagle nor Beth would be injured during the release.


Beth got a good grip on the eagle, waited for Dr. Debbie to step out of the way, then she bent over a little and took a step forward as she got ready to boost the eagle into the air.


She takes a step and starts her swing forward giving the eagle a good start into flying free again.


The eagle spreads its wings as Beth releases it with a push into the air.


The eagle flapped its wings once, looked around, and decided to head for the nearby trees.


It didn't take too many flaps of those big wings to move the bird a good distance toward the trees.


Here it is, almost into the trees.


This is our last sight of another successfully rehabilitated Bald Eagle released back into the wild.



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