3 bobcats 09-28-18

The 3 baby Bobcats that have been with us for a while have reached the point where they can take care of themselves back in the wild.  Dr. Debbie gave them a final look and started getting them into cages and ready for release.  It was fun watching her wrangle those little balls of energy into their cages.


After all 3 of them were safely in the carriers they were loaded onto the bed of Dr. Debbie's truck.


Then they were taken far enough out of town that the chances of any interaction with humans was very low.  The carriers were placed on the ground and the cats were released one at a time.  Here's the first one taking a look around almost like it wasn't sure that the door wouldn't slam shut.


Once it decided to go it became airborne and headed for the woods.


The second one did the same thing but after looking around it took a more leisurely run to the woods.


In fact, it was almost sauntering as it went.


When it got a little deeper into the grass it stopped and turned around to take a look just to be sure no one was coming after it.


The 3rd one came out of the cage rather slowly, it didn't seem to be worried at all.


It walked through the grass in the same direction as the other two had gone, just not as fast.


It hadn't gone very far when it stopped, sat down, and chewed off a blade of grass before moving on.


Eventually the last cat released turned and headed into the woods to catch up to its siblings.  These 3 young Bobcats were all from the same litter.  Hope they make out OK back in the wild!


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