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 We've been caring for 3 young bears for the last few months.  2 arrived in December and the other in January.  They've had a steady diet and have put on enough weight that it would be OK to release them back into the wild.  When that time comes the DNR sends a couple of bear specialists to pick up the young ones and transport them to the area where they will be released.  Here are Dave and Andy preparing the anesthetic that will be used to put them to sleep so they can be safely transferred into the truck that will move them.


Here's Andy with a long stick making sure that the bears are awake.


Dave has attached a needle to this long stick so that he doesn't have to get real close to the bear in order to give it a shot that will put it to sleep.


After the bears are sleeping they are carried out of the pen to the area where they will be checked over and then loaded onto the truck.


While Dave and Andy are working with the first bear the other two are sleeping peacefully nearby.


All of the bears are weighed and measured before transporting them to their new home.


Andy fills out the record for each bear before they're loaded onto the truck.


After all the paperwork for each bear is completed they're put into the round transportation cage.  The cage is lined with fresh straw so Dave can push them into place.  Here's the first one being pushed into the front portion of the cage.


After all 3 bears are in the cage the door is blocked off and secured. Then Dave and Andy finish straightening things up and they're ready to head north to return the bears to the wild.



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