Wild and Free's Adopt-An-Animal Program gives concerned individuals the opportunity to make a monetary donation towards the care and support of a specific animal admitted to our rehabilitation program. Patients selected for the Program will have a favorable chance for release back into the wild. The Adopt-An-Animal supporter will receive, by mail, or email, a brief history of the animal's problem or illness, current treatment and condition, and a photograph and certificate. Wild and Free will notify the participant of the outcome of their adopted animal and invite them to watch the release of the animal, if that is possible.
  While we try to match Program participants with patients having a good prognosis, we cannot guarantee their recovery. Each animal is an individual and sometimes patients do not respond to treatment as anticipated; some require prolonged hospitalization, additional surgery, or are deemed non-releasable and are humanely euthanized. Treatment of the animal remains at the discretion of the licensed rehabilitators in the Wild and Free Program.
  A “minimum” donation of $100.00 is requested to participate. Interested groups or classrooms may also sponsor an animal. Donations are accepted year-round, however, 80% of our caseload is admitted starting with orphans in the spring and ending with raptor migration in the fall.

Send the information below, along with a check, To:

                                                                                    Wild & Free
                                                                                    Adopt-An-Animal Program
                                                                                     P.O. Box 241
                                                                                   Garrison, MN 56450


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