We've been caring for 2 young Turkey Vultures while we were waiting for them to get old enough to release.  Today was the happy day, both for them and for us.  While Dr. Deb and Dr. Katie were getting things ready to move the birds I snapped a couple of photos of some of the other residents at W&F.  Here's a Great Horned Owl that is almost ready to be released.


Next door was another owl, a Barred Owl.  It flew to the other side of the cage when I stepped up close to get this shot so it is almost ready to be released also.


Not every critter at the W&F building is an owl.  Here's a cage with a couple of young squirrels which are almost big enough to be released.


And here we have one of the young vultures that will be released today.


Of course, in order to be released, they have to be taken out of the holding pen and moved to the release area.  Vultures are not the prettiest bird and they also have a nasty habit of vomiting when they're stressed.  Dr. Katie is trying to not stress the bird while she moves it out.


Dr. Deb took the first bird from Dr. Katie and put it in a cage in the back of her truck.  The second one joined it in a few minutes.


When vultures vomit it smells really bad!


Once again the vulture is handed off to Dr. Deb.


And off it goes to the release area while the second is taken out of the cage.


This is what it's all about, another critter is released back into the wild.


Enjoying its first flight in the wild.


The vulture seemed to want to stay close to the trees, it flew between the old barn and the trees.


Here's Dr. Katie with the second vulture.  It was done vomiting by now so it didn't smell so bad.


It got a good boost into the air.


This one also headed toward the old barn.


And it followed the same path that the first one had taken.


It's always rewarding to release a couple of critters back into the wild even if they're not the prettiest or the sweetest smelling.  Hope they have a good life.


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