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One of the most enjoyable ways to camp and explore in the Backcountry is by canoe! This style of camping is gaining in popularity recently, as more people discover the magic of moving quietly through pristine waters, surrounded by gorgeous vistas and abundant wildlife.

If you're already enjoying tent or backpack camping, why not take it to the next level and take your canoe along? The canoe allows you to take more or bulkier / heavier gear & supplies than usual, and it will carry it for most of the trip, allowing you to go from here to there on the path less traveled, in a more rewarding way! Children & adolescents seem to get as much fun out of canoe camping as adults do! Give them pleasant memories of "exploring" a "lost lake", witnessing a Bald Eagle catch a fish, sitting by a warm & glowing campfire as the call of a Loon welcomes nightfall, the scampering antics of a chipmunk - memories they will cherish for many, many years!

Suggested Canoe To Use For Camping:

A Cedar Strip Canoe is the perfect choice for canoe camping, hunting, fishing or recreational use! "Strippers", as these canoes are called, are beautiful handmade wooden canoes which are can be altered during construction to satisfy the needs of the most particular canoeist.

I build strippers in the contemporary method (cedar strips sandwiched between inner and outer layers of clear fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin), for the serious canoe camper, angler and recreational canoeist. You may decide to build your own. E-mail me for more information.

My suggested camping canoe specifications are:

Camping gear I like for canoe camping:

Some Fantastic Canoe Camping Places:

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