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Davis Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc., has been serving Brown county, Schuyler county and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Our services include:  Installation and service of heating and cooling systems, geothermal systems, blower door testing, electric, plumbing, septic, waterlines, trenching, and backhoe work.

Ed Davis, owner of Davis Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc., located in Rushville, was honored this past spring as one of the top geothermal dealers in a seven state area.  Davis Electric, Plumbing Heating, and Cooling, Inc.,  has been installing geothermal products for over 15 years and the business has excelled beyond original expectations. They offer a complete line of geothermal equipment and accessories for residential and commercial heating, cooling and water heating systems.

Geothermal units are designed to harness the earth's natural energy for heating and cooling.  For years, value-conscious homeowners have been discovering the advantages of heating, cooling and producing hot water with geothermal energy and GeoComfort products. Geothermal systems are highly energy-efficient since they only require a relatively small amount of electricity to harness the renewable energy in the earth.  GeoComfort units typically deliver up to four times more energy than they consume, so you save on your monthly energy bills when compared to other types of heating and cooling systems. Recent headlines have warned consumers about the new increases on natural gas and propane.  Homes and businesses that are space conditioned by a geothermal system enjoy the luxury of using the earth's energy instead of buying escalating fossil fuel.

Phone: 217-322-6677
Fax: 217-322-6670
Email: davisel@frontiernet.net

134 S. Liberty
Rushville, IL  62681