The Giant Succotash

And Rock ’n’ Roll Rick’s Roost

We have Denise herself to thank for this nickname, as reported by Constance Bady.

She had even given us a print photo of this 5,000-square foot Palace of Prevarication, but we had lost it.

Fortunately, the digital photography era came along soon after, and more recently another one of our operatives paid a visit to Medina and made up for this.

The operative didn’t get photos of the hardwood floors, the French doors with leaded glass panes, and all the other signature fin de siécle American McMansion features (later on, when the house went on the market, we did — scroll down). But, as a bonus, we got pictures of the law offices of Medina, Medina and Bailey, located in Medina’s scenic downtown Public Square Historic District.

So, here’s the house at 1103 Greenwood Court, Medina, OH 44256 that BBAS clients have paid so dearly for (do you really think the Medina County Sheriff’s Office pays its deputies well enough to afford places like this if their spouses don’t work? We didn’t think so and Constance knew so).

Front elevation

Side profile (sort of). Yes, definitely a two-car garage.

The house is located at 41º 07' 01" N, 81º 50' 13" W. You can view it at the following popular online mapping and aerial photo websites:

In late 2008 the Hubbards put their house on the market, joining hundreds of other overpriced, gargantuan suburban McMansions in the fallout from the subprime lending collapse. Denise went through several Realtors, and their online listings, which allowed us to see pictures of the inside of the house. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Denise is about as good at decorating as she is at everything else legal and ethical (i.e., not very).


From left, kitchen with hardwood floor as described by Constance Bady; two views of large living room with incongruous, stylistically questionable columns; den of iniquity home office without any books on shelves (not even a Bible!) and dining room, the only reasonably tastefully decorated and furnished part of the house. Note to whoever eventually buys this after negotiating the Hubbards down to a more realistic price from the $339,900 they were asking as of May 2009, down from the original $354K: major redecorating is in order! Update early 2010: Once again, Denise thinks she can do this herself, and has listed it as a FSBO at ... $348,113!! Yup, that’ll show that tight housing market where it can get off!)


Click on the above link for a set of pics that includes pictures of the bedroom and their equally tasteful treatments.



Now here’s Rick’s lair (and since 2008, BBAS’s as well):


Nice quaint building in downtown Medina.

We had thought about asking if we could see a picture of Rick Marco’s old house, but whooops — it wasn’t Rick Marco's old house, ever.