In February of 2001 we left a cold Minnesota and traveled to New Orleans and the Mar De gras. It was 16 below when we left and we had a rough time of it until we got to Springfield, Il the first night. ( See Narative for a good laugh). From then on it was a good trip. We joined a rally of other Airstreamers at an old colleseum in a city park right in New Orleans. The colleseum was circular and had a chain link fence around it as well. We were parked around it inside the fence.

The hosts had events planned that we could join and we did do a few. We went for a river boad ride on the Mississippi with a good cajun buffet, that went down to the batle field where Andy Jackson whipped the British.

There were school buses that took us to various parades. (There are a lot of parades during the Mar De Gras). Then we could ride back on the buses or come back on city buses.

We enjoyed the food and the sights but New Orleans left me with a feeling that I would not go back. Too hot, humid, run down, and smelly!