Why are we called
The Church of the Damascus Road?

As the steering committee considered a name for the congregation, many names were considered, but the one that seemed to make the most sense to the Steering Committee was chosen from the account in Acts 9 of the conversion of Saul, later the Apostle Paul.
There are several moments in this story that prison ministry embodies. Certainly, Saul's warrant for arrest is one experience common to inmates. Saul's encounter with the risen Lord changed his way of thinking about the Messiah, as do our encounters with the Risen Lord. His instructions to wait patiently in the house of Judas was like doing time in his prison of blindness. A man who had misgivings about going to see a murderous man is something all believers can identify with as they contemplate prison ministry. When the two met, Ananias called Saul his brother - something visitors come to realize after their first visit, that we are all sisters and brothers in Christ. The change that happened in Saul, later the Apostle Paul, is a change that only Christ can cause to heppen in us. God tells Ananias that the muderous Saul is his chosen instrument, a message from God that he chooses even the "worst of us" to be his intruments to proclaim and show his love to others.

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