Hello, Welcome to our new web page.  Eventually, We’ll move our web site for Joseph over here too but for now until I get this figured out I thought I’d just start simple.  Anyone who has built a web page or site before knows that when you go to a different server the rules change.  I just hope you like what we have here.

We will update as needed:

Family additions

Family losses

Movements on bringing Joseph home (check out his site “We’ll Never Forget”)

Pet additions (heaven forbid!!!)

Pet losses

OK you get the idea.

Anyway, this will be a work in progress for the duration of it’s run.  If you find us that interesting then visit often.  If you think that we’re a little too rural then don’t come back.  Hey this is our site so there!!!

Carolyn and David

The Foxes

We’ll Never


Fun Stuff

for Kids

Web Sites We’d Like to Share with You

David’s Office

Our Spoiled Babies!  They’re cats not grandchildren in fur coats.

Our Family

Click above for my 911 remembrance slide show

Click F11 before viewing for maximum effect

LeRoy Minter


Forever in our hearts!!!