Selected Burials
Warren County, Illinois & Surrounding Area

Spring Grove Cemetery - Spring Grove Township, Warren County, Illinois

Michael Muir and his son James, both born in Scotland. Spring Grove Cemetery lies about 5 miles north of Monmouth, along the west side of US 67.

Monmouth Cemetery - Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois

Gallaugher and Allied Families

The front of this Gallaugher marker lists William Gallaugher 1824-1900 & his wife Margaret Muir 1825-1902,
while the reverse side lists their ten children's names and dates of birth, as found in the original portion of Monmouth cemetery.

Stewart Ellis Leonard 1854-1936, his wife Agnes Gallaugher 1855-1925, and their daughters Margaret M. Leonard 1880-1956
and Gertrude S. Leonard 1884-1971 are buried together in the Glendale Cemetery addition to Monmouth Cemetery.

A family marker in the Glendale Cemetery addition bears the name REYNOLDS on the west face and GALLAUGHER on the east face, and marks the burial of three McCrery sisters, daughters of David Hawthorne McCrery and his first wife Catherine Struthers:

John Wilson Reynolds 1856-1932 and his wife Sophronia M. McCrery 1859-1922
William E. Gallaugher 1863-1937 and his wife Myrtle B. McCrery 1867-1953
Dr. Harvey A. Foster 1852-1928 and his wife Isa Jane McCrery 1857-1932

(NOTE: David Hawthorne McCrery married a second time in 1897 to Miss Flora Jennie Morton. She then married a second time after David's death, to John Robert Elliott of Bruning, Nebraska.)

Michael Rankin Gallaugher 1857-1924 and his wife Minnie Ann Thompson 1864-1944 are interred in the Monmouth Cemetery "Community Mausoleum" built in 1914. Immediately next to the entrance, their daughter Elizabeth "Chloe E." Gallaugher 1890-1948 and her husband Harry C. McConnell 1886-1984 are buried. Next to Chloe and Harry is their son and daughter-in-law Hugh R. 1910-1997 and Edith J. McConnell 1915-2000.

Directly south of the mausoleum, Michael and Minnie's daughter Merle Gallaugher 1885-1930 and her husband Lewis G. Gabby 1882-1937 are buried. With them are their children: son Donald J. Gabby 1908-1971, his wife Marie A. 1907-2003, and grandson Richard Lee Gabby 1941-1946; and son James G. Gabby 1912-1972.

Buried at Little York Cemetery in Warren County, Illinois is
Charles J. 1872-1923 and Anna (Gallaugher) Thieme 1868-1957. Buried immediately to the east of them is their son and daughter-in-law, William Henry 1901-1970 and Lucy Maud (Fair) Thieme 1902-1996, who were married 20 October 1925 in Aledo, Illinois.

Warren County Memorial Park Cemetery - Monmouth, Illinois

Leonard E. & Mona Elnora (Rees) Westlake

Hickory Point Cemetery

Hickory Point Cemetery as viewed 14 August 2004, facing the Moore family plot. To the right of the Moore family marker,
barely visible in the weeds in this photo, is the military marker of Robert C. Moore.

The east side of the marker reads Moore, while the west side has no inscriptions. The upper section of the marker has fallen,
and is buried in the weeds.

The South facing side of the Moore family marker, listing Captain James Moore, and his broken military marker.

The North facing side of the Moore family marker, listing the children of J. & E. Moore.

Brownlee Cemetery - Near Norwood, Mercer County, Illinois

Brownlee Cemetery
Robert Pollock 1793-1858
Jane Lee Henderson 1811-1880
Ebenezer Henderson 1807-1854
Henrietta I. Henderson 1853-1862
Sara E. Henderson 1863-1864
Leola F. Henderson 1861-1864

NOTES: Brownlee Cemetery lies 1.7 miles west of the intersection of US 67 and Route 135, then about 1 mile north of Route 135 on the east side of a gravel road. This is only about a mile north of the Warren/Mercer County line, and a few miles west of Norwood, in Suez Township, Mercer County, Illinois. As can be seen from the photo "Brownlee Cemetery", the cemetery is not maintained, although veterans graves were marked with flags (Memorial Day 2004). In the cemetery photo, the marker of Robert Pollock can be seen on the left hand side. Immediately next to his marker and reading north to south, but hidden in the photo by tall weeds, lies Jane Lee Henderson, her husband Ebenezer, their daughter Henrietta, then granddaughters Sara and Leola. According to government records, Brownlee cemetery was in use from 1842 to 1942.

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