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The limited gallery of photos shown below, were taken from early 1999 through Feruary of 2002, using a Losmandy G-11 mount and Vixen 120  f/6.7 800mm Petzval type refractor. Earlier shots were manually guided using a 2" Lumicon Easy Guider.   Advances in digital imaging have displaced interest in the aggravations of film astrophotography. I do not expect  to be adding to this gallery. 

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Adjust monitor brightness so that each shade step on the black end of the scale is just discernable from the next.


     The Pleiades          The Rosette       M101 Galaxy       M31 Andromeda     Horsehead         Lagoon/Trifid     M42 Orion Nebula

Earlier Photos with Various Equipment


   Full Moon          Double Cluster         N A Nebula        Pleiades M45

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