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1975 RV-6

In 1966, at the age of 12, I was one of the many budding amateur astronomers that daydreamed over the many telescope ads in  Sky & Telescope magazine, such as Cave, Starliner, Optical Craftsman, Unitron, and Criterion. I purchased a 2.4 " Unitron that year, which I still have, but always also longed for a Criterion RV-6.

A couple of years ago, after discovering the Criterion Dynascope Group, I determined that if an RV-6 ever came my way, I would snap it up. In July of 2002, a fellow club member offered me his 1975 RV-6 at an extremely reasonable price. So I bought the scope including three original eyepieces, and performed the following recommissioning maintenance:

The mirrors were resurfaced with H.L. Clausing Diamond Brite Coatings.

The main tube was painted with semi-gloss wall paint applied with a roller,
followed by polishing with furniture paste wax. Looks great.

All aluminum and other metal  parts were cleaned and buffed.

The black crackle painted parts were repainted.

The drive was dismantled, cleaned & lubed, and cork replaced.

The pier was repainted with dark gray hammer finish paint.

The scope is now being used regularly,  providing  that hard to describe, nostalgic observing experience.
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