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Sorry, I no longer make this kit.




Thanks for your interest in my 1/144 Kilo V3 Experimenters Cylinder kit.   The total length is about 13.5 inches, and is 2.25 inches in diameter at its widest section. It has one (3.375") section of 2.25 inch OD lexan tube with two o-ring end caps, and a (3.5") section of 2.25 inch OD lexan. Plus one 1.5-inch section of 1.75-inch OD lexan with one o-ring end cap, and one (4.5") inch section of 2-inch OD lexan with o-ring end cap. It is designed to go into the hull at the split. No hull cutting is required.

I use one Mabuchi 6-12 volt motor to power the model (now included and mounted with shaft seal installed), and a RCABS ballast system.   All the components used are off the shelf.

I include the components of the Cylinder and a CD ROM with over 115 photos of my R/C design. Also on the CD are a list of the components I used in mine, where I purchased them, and a basic text of how I built mine.

The Kilo V3 is a more complete kit and more work has been done for you. The basic cylinder is all assembled, and all the parts machined. All that is required is to add your R/C and ballast components.

The new design has a larger bladder which is now more centrally located for easier trimming.

I have added a o-ring sealed pass through tube in the V3 for the wiring. As well as a propeller, propeller shaft, and bushings.

I am including the two RCABS servo output linkage seals as well as the linkages in the V3 kit now as well.

It is not hard for anyone to follow what I did, but I do take into account you already know basic R/C model building techniques. This is one reason why I call it an experimenter’s kit.

I try to keep them in stock but as I build them on a first come first served basis e-mail me with your order and I will contact you as I get your kit done. I will take no money till I am ready to ship. Thanks for your interest, Dave.

Here is a video of the kilo in action.   Kilo

The Kilo V3 cost is $195

RCABS system Components

1 x 2.25-inch OD by 3.375-inch long Lexan tube
1 x CD ROM
2 x 2-inch ID end caps
2x 2-inch OD o-rings
1 x 1.5 inch ID end cap
1 x 1.5 inch OD o-ring
1 x 1.75 inch OD by 1.5-inch long Lexan tube
1 x 2 inch OD by 4.5-inch long Lexan tube
1 x 1.75-inch ID end cap
1 x 1.75-inch OD o-ring
1 x 2.25-inch OD by 3.5-inch long Lexan tube
1x RCABS pump
1x bladder
1x front section bulkhead
1x lexan pass through tube with o-rings
1x Mabuchi drive motor
1x HP connection tube
1x prop shaft
2x prop bushings
1x prop
1x RCABS motor shaft seal (installed)
2x RCABS servo output seals (installed)
2x Servo output linkages