Basic Supplies:


 24 x 6" ruler or longer and wider

 Rotary cutter

 Cutting mat




 Sewing machine in working order and you must know how to use your machine.


 Walking foot if possible

 Pencil or pen and paper for notes.

 Iron and spray starch if possible

Class Rules:


 Cell phones must be silenced during class. All phone conversations must take place outside of the classroom.

 Please do not wear perfume.

 Students should have all supplies and their machines set up and ready at the start time for the class. Try to be here at least a half an hour before class is scheduled to start.

 Minimum student age is 12 except for special classes for children.

 Students will be provided with an opportunity to provide written feedback and comments on the class.


Class Difficulty Designations:


 Basic Beginner: The student has never made a quilt. The student has never used a rotary cutter and cutting mat. The student is familiar with the operation of his/her sewing machine and can sew a straight line.

Beginner: The student has completed the Basic class or has some sewing experience and can use a rotary cutter.

Confident Beginner: The student has completed at least one quilt top.

Intermediate: The student has completed several quilt tops. Intermediate classes will introduce new techniques for the confident sewer.