She has been best friend and buddy and engaged to

a wonderful man for decades.

He had a series of life threatening illnesses, including

two kidney replacements and TB.

They were married last year, when his health permitted.

She found a lump.

It biopsied malignant.

Lumpectomy followed.

Strangely, all tissue removed was benign.

They said all cancer could have been removed at biopsy.

After surgery She had trouble raising her arm.

They said all is well.

Now they find more cancer.

Now they think they missed it the first time.

She returns for more tests Thursday.

To learn to where the cancer has progressed.

To see if they can do it right this time.

Screaming and

shrieking and

cursing and

kicking and

wailing and


do no good.


Pray for her.

Pray for every single one of us in our billions.

God love us.