Ultimate Energizer Sylimarol 70®

70-mg Coated Tablets
30/blister pack








Each coated tablet contains:

Supplement Facts for Sylimarol 70®
(sylimarin or silymarin)
Amount Per One Coated Tablet
Silybi mariani
fructus extractum
(pharmaceutical concentrate from dried seeds of European
Milk Thistle)

 70 mg flavonolignans, as silibinin.
(also contains isosilibin, silydianine, and silycristine

Other formulation ingredients (excipients): potato starch, saccharose, glucose, magnesium stearate, Arabic gum


As a dietary supplement, adults may take one (1) tablet three (3) times a day, after meal. Do not exceed six (6) tablets in any 24-hour period.

What is Sylimarol 70®?

Sylimarol 70®  is produced under supervision of the health authorities in one of the European countries, and can be found in European
apothecaries.  Its active ingredients, f
lavonolignans (polyphenolic flavonoids, such as silibinin, isosilibin, silycristine, and silydianine),
found in dried fruits of Silybum marianum, have been indicated by European doctors to treat toxic (alcohol, exposure to herbicides) and metabolic
(hard to ingest food) liver problems, and chronic liver inflammations.  Its effectiveness is best pronounced if used for four (4) weeks in the case
of toxic/metabolic problems and up to six (six) months in chronic cases.

Several recent studies by A. Tyagi, et al. (Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Vol. 1, 525-532, May 2002) and others have shown both cancer preventive
and therapeutic efficacy of silibinin and silymarin using in vivo and in vitro cancer models.


For adults, over 18 years ONLY. Keep out of reach of children. DO NOT exceed six (6) tablets in any 24-hour period. 


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