Revised 2/16/2006


Indianhead Bassers Chapter Tournament Fishing Rules


  1. Starting time will be decided at the last regular meeting before the next tournament, by the tournament chairperson.
  1. All fish (BASS) will be counted for score according to Wisconsin DNR Regulations. NOTE: All fish will be measured for their proper length on a bump board referred to as the Golden Rule made by Bass Pro Shops. If you bring a fish to the weigh-in and it is short as determined by the tournament chairperson, you will be disqualified from that tournament. The Indianhead Bassers are not responsible for any fines imposed by the DNR should they happen to be at the weigh-in.
  1. Boat and Non Boat owners will be paired by drawing names or any other means as chosen by the tournament chairperson for all regular club tournaments at the last regular meeting prior the next tournament. (Regular club tournaments are those that qualify you for next years Zone Tournament.)
  1. Boat owners drawing boat owners will fish together except for the odd boat and the last two boat owners paired. They must fish alone if they choose. The first name drawn is the boat, but either boat my be used as determined by the flip of a coin.
  1. All boats will have a kill switch of the lanyard type in working order.
  1. Life vest MUST be worn and zipped up with the kill switch cord attached to the boat operator life vest when the gasoline engine is running. Violators and their partner, verified by 2 people, will be disqualified.
  1. Non-Boat owners MUST pay $15.00 to the boat owner for gas.
  1. Car-pooling is suggested to conserve gas.
  1. Weigh system will be used. (Pounds & tenths or ounces)
  1. Five tenths of a pound or 8 oz's will be deducted for each fish not released alive, to be determined by the tournament chair person or the president.
  1. Largest fish (BASS) will be awarded Lunker of the Year. Bass over six (6) pounds may be kept as a trophy without penalty.
  1. Pounds and tenths or ounces will be accumulated and totaled at the end of the season to determine the Zone Tournament qualifiers (1/2 the current roster) and Mr. Bass. The total of the six (6) best tournaments from the regular club tournaments will count.
  1. In the event of a tie for first place at the regular club tournaments a sudden death fish off will determine the winner. The person catching the first legal BASS checked in at the checkpoint will be the winner. There will be an observer in each boat. Non-boat owner will be furnished a boat to fish from.
  1. Live or prepared bait will NOT BE USED.
  1. All club fishing functions will comply with Wisconsin State Fishing and Boating Regulations.
  1. In the event of a tie at the end of the days fishing, the winner will be decided by the fisher person with the largest BASS. If a tie still remains, a flip of the coin will determine the winner of the tournament.
  1. Tardiness: Late arrivals at the start of the tournament. Any boater late will be the last boat out at the next regular club tournament. Non-boaters will fish with the first open boat until the late boat owner finds them. The boat owner(s) that are late must find there partner(s) that they were suppose to fish with that day (no excuses will be accepted). They then must have their livewell checked (no fish will count until this is done) and collect up their partner from the other boat. The non-boater has the choice to stay with the person he or she is with or transfers to the other boat.
  1. Tardiness: Late arrivals at the weight-in time. Anyone late will be docked 1 lb per minute up to 15 minutes and then they will be disqualified. No excuses will be accepted. Both competitors in the boat will be disqualified.
  1. No Member will fish with the same person twice in one regular club tournament season.
  1. All boats will be equipped with at least one aerated livewell.
  1. Non-boaters will be responsible for Safety pins to mark their fish.
  1. 50% of the fishing time will be given to the non-boater. When running the trolling motor, they will be responsible for any damage to it (up to the cost of the insurance deductible). Complaints will ONLY BE BROUGHT to the tournament chairperson immediately following the tournament.
  1. It is mandatory that the non-boat owner contacts their partner not later than the night before the tournament to make sure he or she will be there and where the two are going to meet.
  1. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are allowed during regular club tournament hours. Tournament hours end when you and your partner's fish are weighed in.
  1. Boat owners are required to furnish a net for the tournament.
  1. The last boat out will be the starting official. He or she and their partner will along with the tournament chairperson will check livewells and kill switches before the start of a tournament.
  1. Paper tournaments: Fish will be measured by the person who caught the fish while the partner observes and confirms the agreed upon length. The partner will record the length upon the record card. Each fisher person keeps a record of the partners fish. The partners must sigh the record cards verifying the length of the fish. The fish is to be released immediately after measurement. All fisher persons MUST have partners or observers.
  1. The fish is to be measured with the mouth closed and touching the Golden Rule Bump Boards vertical tab and the tail may be manipulated. The fish is to be measured to the nearest 1/8-inch division mark that tail extends beyond.
  1. The tournament chairperson will convert the length to weight for each fish measured up to the legal limit of fish using the Golden Rule Conversion Weight.