Im not the one being a cry baby,your just being a asshole and thats why im not trying to help you anymore,i will have to look at the repciet but the invoice i sent you said that you didnt have it
I guess you did ,but i never called you a liar on that.You do know what small claims costs right?You will have to come to indiana since that is where it was sold,but be my guest.I tried offering you extra parts,you must be a kid or something,maybe you should try to grow up.and quit harassing me.Seing as you send the wrong payment type anyways it cost me $3 to get it cashed so might as well scratch that out anyways.Tell you what,ship it back and i will refund the actual sell price.I cannot be responsible for shipping charges either way,$24 is pennies to me,must be busting your balls though,lol
But im sure you want your complete money back,and i should pay to get it back to me,right,even though i dont offer a return service(as posted)the item was sold as-is where-is(as posted)I only accept postal money orders(as posted)This is a used part that i TRY to describe as accuratly as possible(as posted)However i dont own a microscope so i cant tell you EVERY little dirt spot or imperfections.This is my last email,sorry we couldnt work something out,i tried wrote:
Here ya go,  $47.97.......argue this

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