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Subject:You've received an answer to your question about item 3000GT STEALTH 91-UP RADIO UPPER CENTER CONSOLE CHARCOAReceived:Mar-12-08
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Dear ,

you sent me 43.49,look at the invoice,that doesnt include insurance.What the hell are you talking about small claims?If you want to go down that road fine,if you want to leave bad feedback,expect the same back.It was fine when it left here,sorry you wanted a new piece but the pic shown what it was-I DONT DO REFUNDS,didnt you read the listing?All items sold as-is where-is,that means once it leaves my hands im done with it,if its broke and you DID put insurance on it its your problem.If you want to go through all this trouble for $24 stinkin dollars be my guest,i said i would try to make it right but your not flexing any and want me to change my rules,i am not wal-mart and if this were new parts that i actully made money on i might be able to do refunds.Resell it yourself and recoup your money.Your not going to find a new console on ebay for $24,i promice you that!

- awesomeauctions4u
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Item Number:280204627729
Item URL:?ViewItem&item=280204627729
End Date:Feb-28-08 06:10:42 PST
From User:
awesomeauctions4u (201)
96.7% Positive Feedback
Member since Nov-23-06 in United States
Location : IN, United States
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