Babbitt, Minnesota. - X-Country Skiing

Birch Lake Plantation -  Babbitt Minnesota
This is mainly a day trip of skiing to show off some of the recreational opportunities near Babbitt, MN.

Many of these opportunities exist in the public multiple use National Forests. Other recreation consists of hiking,snowmobiling, camping and fishing just to mention a few.

These forests are also managed for logging activities which help to maintain a healthy forest. When they are not managed in a proper manner conditions such as blowdowns and wildfire risk increase. An example of this was the massive blowdown in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area near Babbitt and Ely and the tremendous wild fires which have been occurring in the Western United States. These areas have not been managed for many years partially due to the environmentalist movement which does have its place in certain circumstances. Most of that timber will be wasted.

Hopefully, our country will achieve a better balance in the future.

Red Pines - Babbitt, Minnesota

Ski Trail  - Babbitt, Minnesota

Ski Trail  - Babbitt, Minnesota

Skier - Babbitt, Minnesota

Cooperative Agreement For The Benefit Of All The Public
Multiple Use - Grant-In-Aid Trail
Minnesota Department Of Natural Resources