Babbitt, Minnesota. - 4 Wheeling

Tomahawk Trail -  Babbitt, Minnesota
This was a day trip of ATV Riding near Babbitt, MN. in early October 2002. Temperature was around 60 - 65 degrees, no bugs, and the leaves were nearing their peak viewing condition. All in all, a very nice day to be out. We rode for about 20 miles in an easterly direction as that was all we had time for. Portions of the trail are on the old Tomahawk Trail Road (Old Road Bed), so a person can ride 25 - 30 miles per hour in certain portions. There are some sections where you can get down and dirty if that's your thing but I like to stay high and dry.

Quite a few nice views to be had.

It's a good time, check it out!

Scenic Pond View

Scenic Pines

Beaver Pond

Stony River

Beautiful Fall Leaves