Here are the ebay fixes I use.  They work for me.  Maybe they will work for you.  I am running Windows XP Pro with SP2 and I have my “Internet Zone” set to default. There are no entries in my “Trusted Sites” zone.

I know it’s a lot to put in your restricted sites zone but you can copy and paste the addresses into a Word or any text document and then cut and paste (one at a time) into your restricted sites zone. To get to your restricted sites zone, you can either:
A. Click on "Tools" at the top of this browser window.  Click on "Internet Options."  Click the "Security" tab.  Click the red icon with the horizontal white line.  Click the "Sites" button.  Copy or cut and paste the sites, one at a time, into the "Add this web site to the zone:" window. Click the "Add" button and repeat with the rest.
B:  Go to the "Start" button then open the Control Panel and go to "Internet Options" and follow the above instructions.

   *1- *3   *1   *1 -*3   *1
http://*   *2

*1 - Adding these to your restricted sites will cause certain features, like "sort," to stop working automatically.  This can be overcome by entering your sort preference and then clicking on the "search" button in the middle of the page. CLICK HERE

*2  If you are a AOL member, you may have to remove:

*3 - If you get caught in a sign-in loop it has been reported that removing these two sites from the restricted zone cures the problem.

I also run Ad-Aware from Lavasoft, SpyBot S&D, SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard (all free programs) to help keep the other garbage off my machine.  Beware of other anti-spyware programs you may find. Even though some of them are excellent programs, some of them actually load spyware onto your machine. This is the configuration I use and it works for me.

Here is the link for Ad-Aware.
It is a great program that gets rid of most of the spyware.  Download, install, update and run it first.  Scroll down to about the middle of the page and choose a site to download from.

Here’s the link for Spybot S&D
It sometimes finds spyware that Ad-Aware does not.  It has an "Immunize" feature that helps keep the bad stuff from coming back. Click the "Download" button.  Download it second.
Here is the link for SpywareBlaster  
It offers further immunization.  It is not a removal program but it puts known threats in your "Restricted Sites" zone and helps keep you safe from more spyware.  Click the "Download SpywareBlaster" link.  Keep it updated.

Here is the link for SpywareGuard
Download and install it last.

For the four links above, choose to "save to a location."  I usually save to my desktop then close everything and find the icon on the desktop and start the install process that way.

Here is a link to rockboss2000's ME page.  It has more tweaks and fixes for IE and also Netscape, Mozilla, etc.  

Another thing - go to the advanced tab of your internet options, scroll down to "Java" and remove the check mark if one is in the box.