Buggy Boogie Thang 3 !!!
Here is the beginning of some pictures from the Buggy Boogie Thang 3, held at El Mirage Dry Lake from January 9 to January 16.

  Here is a picture of the sunset at El Mirage taken by Steve Irby.

This is what total Aoxomoxoa is all about.  Beautiful sunset, and someone is out flying in it.  I bet you it was Freemin!

Here is a small group of us after dinner at the Hi Desert Casino in Adelanto.  Decent food, decent prices... not far from the desert.  We met here each morning and night for most of our meals.  Photo by Joao Carlos


Here is the after affects of 'Howard Air' as performed by Jeff Howard.  He managed to totally trash his buggy after an afternoon of jumping it.  Photos by Steve Irby and myself.

  Not to be a narcissist, but this was my first trip to the desert, and these are the first pictures that I have acquired that are ready to be published.  The photos I shot need some touching up and scaling down.  Enough of that.  This is a picture of my genuine first trip out on the lake bed at El Mirage.  I am flying a SkyTiger Hi-60, and having a ball.  Photo by Steve Irby.

This is a picture of Joao Carlos at the Ivanpah dry lake bed.  I would assume that this was taken on Friday not long after he got off the airplane.  Photo courtesy fo Joao Carlos.

These are shots taken by Steve Irby of the bulk of the group that was left over on Wednesday.

Thats all for now! Keep checking back... this page will update frequently until I have all of my pictures posted!