In the meantime, check out these pages:

Wikipedia definition of Aliquot sequences.

Clifford Stern's Aliquot Sequences From the Trenches. Clifford has provided much help and advice in addition to the provision of the earlier work on the sequences I've worked on.

Sander Hoogendoorn maintains a page covering sequences in the 200k-210k range.

The Mersenneforum's current aliquot sequence sub-forum. Latest status updates and reservations available here.

Links to most of the files in the 100k-200k range. Stored in .alq format. Check with the forum for current status of reservations and work on sequences in that range. We can also convert to text format as needed.

Added a text file showing the status of sequences in the 100k-200k range.
Added a sort by guide/driver structure and a sort by sequence length. (Last update 5/27/09.)

Links to alq files for the 200k range.
Note: these are probably not up to date. Be sure to check on the forum before extending any of these! There are some ranges in progress by various people.

Here's my charting program (Win32). Graphs the progress of a sequence from a text format file. Saves to GIF files. Also allows zooming in to check the exact bottom of a sequence.....

Note: One thing to watch out for is reading a sequence file over a network; if it's a large file, the program may appear to hang. TODO: add a progress meter so the program doesn't appear locked up....

Here's a chart of the work on 48462. I picked this up at 1069 lines and extended it to over 5600 lines due to numerous downdriver runs. Unfortunately, after two dips to only 9 digits, the 2^6*127 driver took over. No escape so far at 123 digits and I abandoned it when it wasn't fun any more.

Last updated by Frank Schickel May 7, 2009.