The Algood United Methodist Church has begun its second century as a house of Worship and Christian Mission.  This Methodist Episcopal Church, South, was built in 1899 on land donated by Alfred and Henry Algood, sons of a Methodist Circuit Rider.

 In England in the late 1730's John Wesley had taken a simple message of hope to people wherever he found them.  He told them they were equal and important in the sight of God and that their belief in the Lord Jesus Christ would bring salvation.  This simple message, the basic belief of Methodists, is what the Circuit Riders brought to this area.

This Methodist Church was the first built in Algood.  Its position on Main Street made it a focal point for the community.  It became a center for religious and community activities.  In the early years, other denominations were invited to use the church for their own worship.  An early expansion of the church involved moving and attaching a former public school building to the back of the sanctuary.  This is the Fellowship Hall.  The architecture of this church is carpenter gothic, a style widely used at the turn of the century.  It is reminiscent of the small stone Episcopal Churches in rural England.

In 1909 a tornado did extensive damage to the building.  The restoration included moving the tower to the right side of the building.  A bell, still in use, and the stained glass window were installed following the restoration.  The church building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.  A determining factor was maintenance of its architectural integrity.  The Perry Parker Education was dedicated in 1983.

 This church marked its centennial year by several special events, including worship led by Bishop Kenneth Carder.  On May 23, the one-hundredth anniversary, Dr. Charles Vance Johnson, several former pastors, and the choir led a great celebratory worship service followed by dinner "on the grounds" for over 300 people.  Other events included publication of a church history book, "The First 100 Years" and a centennial church cookbook. 

Algood United Methodist Church about 1918

Photos Provided by Marshall Judd and Scanned by Paul Todd