What's Happening in the Whiteing Household
Instead of individual pages like the old site, I am putting all our family happenings here.
This will finally be an ever changing story for once (You know what I mean if you read my old pages.)

April 2010

Well, we will see if I can keep this updated. Jeff is doing good in college, he'll be a Senior next year. Alex turned 14 and has his Learner's Permit to drive (pray for us). We have a new great niece. My brother Ray's daughter Kristina and her husband Ryan had a baby girl last month. We are gearing up for camping again. The Boy Scouts are celebrating their 100 Year Anniversary and we are looking forward to some of the events they have planned. That's about it for now.

September 2010

It was a busy summer filled with fun and some grief. I am trying to update this homepage and our Troops homepage, so I may be brief. We have gone to Birthday Partys for granddaughter, nephews, great nephews, and nephew in law and Confirmation for two grandsons. We went on family and scout camp outs and family picnics. Jeff went back to college and Alex is working on his Eagle rank in Boy Scouts. I didn't get as much fishing in as I would have liked. Karen's Dad, Myrland, passed away, plus my daughter in law Jean's Dad, Darrell, passed away. I will try to get family photos updated, don't know when.

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