RainScatter will run on just about any platform provided that you have the
Java Runtime Environment version 1.5 or later installed on your computer. I recommend using the latest available from Oracle. Note that you do not need to make Java available to your web browser.  

You also need an active internet connection to access the NOAA radar images(http, port 80, https port 443) and Storm Attribute Tables (FTP, port 21).  This may mean that you need to configure your firewall to allow outgoing connections for these ports.

Unzip RainScatterxxx_exec.ZIP and place the contents in an empty directory.  
The program executable is RainScatterxxx.jar.  The other files are files that are 
required by the program.  Do not edit them by hand!

If you do not have the Java runtime on your computer you should download it from the Java website
  In the installer will also link the .jar extension with javaw, which will give "double-click" execution of .JAR filesOnce you have the JRE installed you may run the program by double-clicking the .JAR file. You may also run the file from the command-line (on all platforms) by typing:

java  -jar RainScatter
xxx.jar <enter>

This also provides a decent amount of debugging output should you ever run into a problem with the program.