Firetower Photos

Ampersand Mtn.

NW view

Mt. Arab

the view across the map table

SW view

tower & cabin

Azure Mtn.

before (Dec 2001) and after (July 2002), photo from Azure Mountain Friends

Belfry Mtn.

120 degree NW view

Black Mtn.

antenna-ed and
no access

but a great view anyway

Blue Mtn.

it's not always clear

Boreas Mtn.

the view east of Elk Lake, Dix, McComb and Clear Pond

Cathead Mtn.

tower, antennas,
and windmill


Crane Mtn.

one of the ladders
near the top

SW view
late afternoon


Cathedral Rock

tower and plaque
on boulder

Gomer Hill

Goodnow Mtn.

SE,S,West view

Panoramas stiched with
Panorama Factory 1.6

West, N, NE view

Hurricane Mtn.


Kane Mtn.

Loon Lake Mtn.

Makomis Mtn.

Number 4

Now at the DEC in Lowville
much shortened with cabin from Gomer Hill

Pillsbury Mtn.


Prospect Mtn.

(from Rick Miller)


Rondaxe Mtn.

Snowy Mtn.

view of tower from
one of the ledges

St. Regis Mtn.

the new trailhead

a weathered,
unclimbable tower


Spruce Mtn.

Tomany Mtn.

not much here

Tooley Pond Mtn.

cabin (now gone) &
tower site (was in evergreens)


Whiteface Mtn.

a spectacular place to be


Woodhull Mtn.

at last! 7.5 miles
from the parking lot


The Adirondack Museum, Blue Mtn. Lake NY

"The 2nd Forest Fire tower in
the Adirondacks, erected 1909"
(came from Whiteface Mtn.)

Adirondack Center Museum, Elizabethtown NY

made from the West Mtn.
and Kempshall Mtn towers


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by Bob Berch 11-1-2003