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Excerpt from Session 968:  

"Therefore in the exploration of YOU and what you create and what you generate in energy, and familiarizing yourself with your expressions of energy, you shall also offer yourself a greater understanding of how you create within your physical dimension.  And I may express to you that this is precisely the point.  For this is what you are generating in the action of this shift in consciousness, offering yourselves an objective awareness and understanding of not merely WHAT you create within your physical reality, but HOW you create it, therefore offering yourself greater choice and expanding your exploration of this physical dimension." (1)

In that one moment when I created my new job, I actually did nothing objectively, I simply allowed myself to have it. 

I was driving in my car and thinking about how I really needed to get a part-time job and how I wasn't seeming to be able to.  I'd done all the right things, but I still hadn't got one.  It was then I noticed that my attention was on getting one, not on allowing myself to have one.  I was worrying and attending to how to get one, but not allowing myself to have it.  My attention was on doing all the right things, or discounting myself because I apparently hadn't done the right things, else I'd have a job.  

I decided to just choose to have one.  I immediately began to define what my perfect part-time job would be.  In what surroundings would it be?  how much would it pay?  What kind of people, if any, would I work with?  What would I be doing?  I then noticed that I was automatically creating obstacles.  Those very concerns were my creation of obstacles.  I was expressing concern for what I might create because I was not trusting myself.  I was fearful of what I might create: that perhaps I would create a job, but not one I liked  Each time another concern (obstacle) would come into my thinking, I simply let it go.  I noticed and acknowledged it, but I then let it go. 

I would not concern myself with (creating) obstacles; I rather would choose what I wanted.  

It was then that I moved into trust and the definition of my perfect job altered considerably.  My perfect job would be one that I like. Period.  I did not need to define each element.  I trusted I would like each and every element.  

I got out of my car quite certain that if this is what I wanted then it would be so.  Yes!  I was creating my perfect job.  That is what I was doing.  I was no longer trying to create getting a job and trying to create it being perfect.  I was simply choosing it, trusting myself and my abilities, wide open and allowing of my choice to BE.   

I walked to the phone to retrieve my messages.  Only one, "Help!  Can you begin immediately?"

(1)  2004 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

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