Perfect Soup in 4 Ease-y Steps
Today I made onion soup. I put the crocks under the broiler to do the cheesy-top bit. It seemed to be taking awhile and I thought I might have put the broiler pan too far down from the flames. I may have made a mistake! The cheese may never melt!

Step 1 - Noticing
I paused and noticed I was creating a conflict.

Step 2 - Recognizing and Identifying
I noticed my automatic distrust of self - that I could do it wrong - duplicity. I realized that I believed that it would not come out right if I did not put the crocks the correct distance from the flame. That I align with mass beliefs of cause and effect, science, etc.

Step 3 - Addressing
I let go of my hold on these beliefs. I didn't analyze, rationalize or justify them. I reminded myself that they are not absolutes, they are not good or bad, but simply beliefs.

Step 3 1/2 - Remembering Acceptance
I simply decided that I did not want to go down that familiar road again; of fearing myself and my creations, or what I may create. Period. I remembered my intent - to make perfect soup. Switch to I create perfectly. And so it was.

You might wonder why I didn't complete Step 4. Easy. Step 4 is Acceptance. If I was accepting of myself, I wouldn't have created a conflict in the first place. I'm still remembering...

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