My Multitudes

I have 612 focuses in this physical reality; 104 of which I resonate closely with and 6 of which are within this present timeframe, although 2 of them have since disengaged. (Within simultaneous time all time is the Present.)

You can read about how I connect with my other focuses here, and read my communications with them here.

WiderDale is the name I've given to the connection with my essence in the movement into the acceptance of ALL of me: engaging the widening of my awareness and opening to my periphery, allowing myself to be open to all of my imagery, to be noticing and to access my natural abilities to interpret what I am noticing and what I am creating. The key in all of this is to be accepting and trusting of myself.

PresentFutureDale is a most probable future me in this life. Of course she looks just like me but what is of most importance to me is that she does not look any older. In other words it won't be long until I remember we are one.

Dalek is a FuturePresent focus of me after this Shift in Consciousness is complete. He is presently male yet remembers his ability to alter his choice of gender.

Mary Todd Lincoln is a PastPresent focus of me. This is a shared focus with James being Abraham Lincoln.

Hannah is a PastPresent Shaker focus of me. I fell in love with a Shaker man and we both left the sect, married and had 2 children. Both of us lived the remainder of our lives together although with guilt.

Horath is a PastPresent German focus of me in the late 1400's whose wife died. We lived alone out in the woods and I remember walking back to our cabin after burying her. On the mantle was a type of pendulum clock, only instead of it swinging back and forth it swung in a circular motion.

I am an Aborigine in a PastPresent focus.

I am a very recently disengaged female "alcoholic" in another Present focus.

I've identified a future focus with my Present husband James, towards the end of this Shift in Consciousness.

I have a PastPresent North African focus in the 1700’s. I was homosexual, and homosexuality was not acceptable and therefore much secrecy and fear was affecting in this focus. I was a rather large and round man. African born, yet Caucasian although tanned from the environment. Dark curly hair. Quite affluent, pompous and holding a powerful place in society. This gave me a sense of security that others did not have and I used it in a threatening manner to disguise my fear. My fear was expressed by being threatening to others. My Present husband James was my boy although I had various other lovers. Died of a heart attack in my early 50’s. I also shared this focus with my Present friend Mary and another identified Present friend. Our social circle was comprised mostly of the affluent homosexual community, mostly involved in government and trade in regards to import and exporting: rugs, furniture, fine fabrics, metal works, jewelry, etc. Trade and government made more than just good bedfellows. Most of the time we were excessive but not to the point of decadence. The common emotional draw was one of fear of exposure. The common sexual draw is obvious.

A PastPresent male focus in China married to my Present husband James. We were influencing of children to become monks.

A PastPresent Roman Catholic priest in support in minor position of Michelangelo’s works when they were not yet appreciated.

I have also identified an other-dimensional focus, a bumpy-faced guy.

I am a PastPresent architect involved in designing the blueprints for the Sphinx.


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