A month or so ago, I found myself caught up in anger and frustration with regard to work that was hired to be done by others to my home. The story of how I came to be in this position of anger is rather long and actually of no consequence. The fact is, I created anger and chose not to deal with it, deeming it somehow "bad", but also unable to let it go. During the week that led up to a sort of crises, I began to have signs of physical pain in my right shoulder and in the ribs under my right arm. I knew the pain was related to the anger. As I worked with reiki and trying to re-direct the anger, the pain only worsened. By the end of the week, I found myself sitting in a chat room that I often frequent, in so much pain I could hardly breath and certainly couldn't cough or, god forbid, sneeze.

I was depressed and confused. Unable to move. Unable to identify how to deal with what I had created. I had been chatting, off and on all evening with friends, but not really talking much about my physical and emotional state. Mentally, I asked for help... hoping someone would pop up with some answers, but my friends were oblivious as I wasn't sharing much with them objectively.

Late that evening "Belly dancer" joined the chat and innocently replied to my hello, "how are you?" From that point I knew I had found someone who could help me deal with my creation. This individual talked me through my creation and my confusion over the next couple of hours, gently poking into my beliefs and always without judgment. I felt totally free in that environment to bare my self, and in that, discovering aspects of my creation that I hadn't recognized before. As we chatted and worked through what I had done, the pain began to lessen. By the time the chat ended, I could breathe. The piercing portion of the pain had dissipated.

The following day, all that was left of the pain was a sort of bruise. I could still find it if I looked for it, but it no longer interfered with function. It would pop up now and again as a bit of a reminder and I would fish out the log of the chat that I had kept and deal again with the issues that created it.

I have no words strong enough to recommend the services of this individual. She came to me as a stranger, connected with me without judgment, and left me in much greater understanding, able to deal with my own creations in regard to the issue of anger. There is no doubt in my mind that, should I find myself creating confusion again, I will seek out her services once more, purposefully, and BEFORE I debilitate myself. - Liz Dean, KS



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