Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Council of Orange County


You may be addicted to alcohol or other drugs if:

1. You have high a tolerance for alcohol and other drugs.

2. Your drinking or drugging keeps you from dealing with reality.

3. Your personality changes because of drinking or drugging.

4. You have blackouts/memory losses.

5. You have difficulty stopping drinking or drugging once you have begun.

6. You reperatedly break promises about drinking/drugging and/or taking responsibility.

7. You gulp drinks or compulsively use drugs.

8. Your relationships with others are strained because of drinking/drugging.

9. You are defensive when confronted about drinking or drug use and behaviors .

10. You are drinking or using drugs alone.

11. Your personal appearance deteriorates.

12. You are neglectful or abusive with your family or friends.

13. You become isolated.

14. You are absent or late for work and other events because of your drinking/drug use.

15. Your personal responsibilities deteriorate and/or your personal values break down because of your drinking or drug use.

If you think you have a problem or have further questions, we can help you. Simply call our confidential help line: 914-294-9000 or Click Here to email questions.

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