Ray Rothstein
9 Maryann Ave.
Port Jervis, New York 12771
My name is Ray, call sign AA2WC and I can be found most days on 14.240 (20M) with a great group of friends.
I have operated there for about 14 years but some of the old guys, like Tony WA2JUN, have been there 38 years.
We have many friends from around the world who stop and say hello. It's not a net it's just a big round table! My
first love is DX and I have worked 338 countries (with the deletes) and need only two more - BS7 and KP1 and I
will finally have them all. Over the past two years I have upgraded my antenna system and run two towers. The
antennas on tower one consist of 3-element mono banders for 10, 15 and 20 meters and are at 57 feet. Tower
two has a 4-element mono bander for 20 meters plus A3W 3-element for 12 and 17 meters and wire antennas for
40 and 80 meters. Future plans call for a a 160 meter antenna. My main rig is an Icom 756 Pro and a few back-
ups. The amp is an Ameritron AL82 running 3-500z with an AL80B as back up.

Here is a list of the regulars on 14.240: WA2JUN-Tony, AA2WC-Ray, 9K2MU-Murtada, K1QS-Walt, K1JU-Bill,
K2DC-Don, KF4OCR-Jerry, K4MPI-Fred, K3SUE-Sue, WW4KW-Winston, K4WDX-Al, KE4TW-AlSr, WV5K-Jim,
G7LRR-Andy, M3WHG-Terry, EA8BYR-Terry, M5AAS-Sandy, G4YRU-Graham, G4XFA-Roger, M0BYA-Rob, G7DNT-
Keith, G0DIZ-Roger, G0IAS-Allen, K5HAA-Bruce, N1RG-Rick, 7Q7HB-Harry, WA2TPU-Don, AF4MI-Doc, K1CAL-Cal,
W5ZPA-Michael, AD5W-Russ, 5X1DF-David, 9K2GS-Abdullah, A71MA-Mohammed, A71EM-Juma, A41MO-Samir,
7X2EB-Ahmed, 7X5JF-Moktar, TA2DS-Saleem, KE3CT-Ken, ZD9CR-Jimmy, ZD9BV-Andy on Tristan D'Cuna,
ZD7WRG-John, and all the other ZD7s from St. Helena, OD5TE-Hani, OD5QB-George, A41MX-Farid, A41MM-
Mohammed, A41LZ-Murtada, HZ1SK-Samir, 7Z1SJ-Sulaimin, HZ1YB-Yaroub, HZ1MD-Mohamed, K5OVC-Lenny,
HZ1ZH-Mann, HZ1AN-Ahmed, A61Aq-Abdullah, JY5HX-Dr.Munzar now in HZ, 4X6UO-Arie, 4X4MU-Hinina, 9K2ZM-
Jamal, Ayish-9K2FM, Steve-WB2ZHB. Jay-KA1KRU, Mike-ZS1E, Steve-G0UIH, Mike-SV9CVY, Wayne-AL0E,
N3ZS-James. Also, K3LP, W3UR, N1DG, VK2ZF, EL2AR, EL0BF, 5Z4RL, & 5Z4FM.