The Story of Dan and the Silver Dime!

By Jim Vokes

It was a beautiful spring day and my son in law, Dan and I were detecting a freshly plowed farm field that had once contained a church that had been dated in the early 1800s.  This site is located in western New York State.   That day, Dan was using my White's Detector because he hated the sounds emitting from my older Sovereign.

Even though Dan had found a nice 1800s Large Cent in this field earlier, Dan was complaining that he hadn’t found much else.  As he walked over to me, I received a pretty good signal on my Explorer so I said to Dan: “Here ya go!  Dig this silver coin and it is yours!”

Well Dan then passed his White's over the target and said “No Way!  I would never dig the sound of that target!  It is a piece of JUNK.”

You almost know what happened next…

As Dan turned away, I took my shovel and turned over the sod..   Saying.. “Hey Dan, Check this out!”

There in the bottom of the 6 inch hole lay the most beautiful Seated Dime you ever saw!

Now Dan stood there in disbelief for a full minute…  Then..

Without a word, Dan left the field and went to the back of our truck.  He placed the White's detector down and picked up the Sovereign and has used the Sovereign successfully ever since.

The ending of this story is that Dan received a Christmas Present that year of that beautiful Seated Dime encrypted with the words..

“The one that almost got away”!