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        The following is a list of Current and former Red Raiders who have email addresses.   This is a way for Raiders who have moved across the world to stay in touch with their Raider Family!  If your email address is missing or if  you know the email address of someone not listed here, send it to me and I will sure list it.
Jim Vokes..
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Baldeck, Jerry '69
Ball, John
Ball, Pat '93
Ball, Tom Jr.
Bartalo, Don '60
Bartalo, Roger
Bartalo, Steve 
Beach, Ron
Betz, David
Bishop, Bryan '94
Blamphin, Scott C.
Bonacquisti, Brian
Bonacquisti, Skip '67
Bonacquisti, Tom '70
Brand, Ashlee
Brunette, Beth
Brunette, Mary
Buckley, Greg
Burger, Steve '71

Callan, Katie '69
Cappotelli, Aaron
Cappotelli, Andy
Cappotelli, Gary & Martha
Cappotelli, Matt
Carlson, Ken  '69
Carpenter, Don '75
Caton, John '46
Chiverton, Bob '74
Clary, Kevin  '75
Connor, Harold  "Hal" '57
Conner, Mary Ellen '70
Courneen, Pete '56
Covey, Carl
Cox, Bill 
Cullinan, Dick & Mary Lou

Davis, Jake & Debbie
Davis, Tim '96
Davison, Mike & Geri
DeWitt, Jimmy  '56
Donegan, Terry
Dutton, Terry
Eichenberger- Pinckne, Cathy
Estabrooks, Don & Cathy
Estabrooks, Jerry & Emma
Estabrooks, Randy
Fisher, Jim '84
Fisher, Joyce '67
Freeman, Jim
Freeman, Mike
FitzGibbon, SFC John P.

Goodburlet, Jim
Goodburlet, Richard
Grant, Bob '53
Grant, Gary
Grant, Tim '80
Gutekunst, Bart '69
Harrigan, Pat
Hartford, Gary '93
Hartford, Leslie
Henry, Ray (Chico)
Henry, Tim
Joy, Francis '57
Joy, Charles
Layland, Doug

Jackson, Jim '69'
Janowski,  John
Janowski, Paul '57
Johnson, Cari
Keenan- Freeman, Lynne
Keenan, Mel & Mollly
Kelley, Michael '76
Majors, Elly (Eldred)  '59
Martin, David
Mathews, Ed & Carol
McAlee, Coach Bill
McAlee, Eileen
McAlee-Walters, Kate
McCreedy, Bradly
McCreedy, John & Laurie
Mcgrath, Mark
McKay, Mike
Micheaux, Ed '73
Micheaux, Seve '02
Miles-Murphy, Kristen
Monacelli, Dom
Monacelli, Tige
Monacelli, Tony
Moran, Milo C.

Palma, Nick
Poles, Jr. '79
Poles, Roland '85
Poles, Ron '81
Price, Jim '72
Pullyblank, Steve
Quackenbush, Dawn  '88
Rapone, Joe & Sue
Reed, Larry & Judy
Reid, Mark A. '74'
Riggi, David
Riggi, Stephen G
Roberts, John  '70
Robertson, Betsy
Rowcliff, Wade 

Sackett, Lynn & Joyce
Sayers, Kevin
Schirra, Wally
Simms, Lewis '69
Shaughnessy, Pat
Shaughnessy, Tom & Phyl
Shelton, Dave '70
Shelton, Rich '80
Smith, Ron
Stam, Steve
Stam, Taimi '83'
Stam, Warren
Stephany, Mike '71'
Stephany, Ron  '95
Stone, Dale
Stone, Dave
Sweet, Jeff

Tetrault, Russ '67 
Valente, Frank
Valente, Tony 'peanut'
Vokes, Jamie  '96
Vokes, Jim '57
Vokes-Jagodzinski, Susan
Wall, Dan
Williams, Eric
Wild, Jennifer
Wilson, Lew
Woods, Marion '57
Wyatt, Bruce
Wynne Dale '79
Zimber, Denise

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